INNHS Special Program in the Arts (SPA): Upholding the Vision of the Arts


Introduced during the SY 2000-2001, this program offers a comprehensive secondary education program centered on the Arts, covering a range of art forms and disciplines like music, visual arts, drama and theater arts, media arts, creative writing and dance arts. The Ilocos Norte National High School takes pride in offering the Special Program in the Arts.


The Special Program for the Arts envisions an excellent young artist with aesthetic potential and renewed spirituality committed to the preservation of Filipino culture and heritage.

  1. To provide artistically inclined students with regular secondary education;
  2. To enhance the talents of the students through specialized individual courses;
  3. To provide basic knowledge, concept and skills necessary for secondary education;
  4. To develop special inclinations of students in media arts, creative writing, visual arts, music, drama and theater arts and dance arts;
  5. To establish cultural identity, awareness of life, a sense of nationalism and preserve traditions;
  6. To develop student’s ability to express their ideas and feelings through their chosen art forms and be responsive to national excellence and globalization;
  7. To prepare students for life and work by developing in them the general skills and attitudes, the habits of hearts and mind they need to prevail the post modern society regardless of their chosen career.
Student Selection
Student Selection


  • Phase I – HSOII
  • Phase II – Arts Test/ Performance Test/Portfolio
  • Phase III - Interview

High School Curriculum (BEC)


The music program is designed for musically inclined students with interest in vocal, piano and string instruments.


Students develop techniques, movement vocabulary and a deeper understanding of dance as a form of communication and expression. Dance offering include folk, ballet and jazz. Emphasis is given on the native dances of the Ilocos region.


The visual arts program helps students develop creativity through paintings, print making, creative crafts and designs, computer graphics, ceramics or pottery.


"Tangguyob” is an Iluko term which means clarion. The media arts students have chosen this word to call themselves for this was used to announce something by the crier in the community. The Tangguyob members are also trained in broadcasting, journalism, photography and videography.


There’s a great deal of emphasis on group work skills and live performance on spoken text in a number of styles and genres in the theater arts program. Contemporary and classical acting styles/techniques are introduced.


Students are trained to explore and write their own ideas and experiences. They study and work on all genres like poetry, fiction, nonfiction, etc. The study and use of the local materials like our own Ilocano folklore is given emphasis.

Requirements for Graduation
Requirements for Graduation
  • Art Research I and II (for 3rd and 4th year)
  • Elective (Foreign Language, etc.)
Grading System
Grading System
  • General Education Subjects (BEC Grading System)
  • Specialization
Performance 50%
Class Participation 20%
Practical Test 30%
Written Tests 25%
Portfolio 25%
  • Average grade of 85% in Specialization
  • General average of 82%

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