SPECIAL PROGRAM IN SPORTS - Keeping the sports and spirit of sportsmanship aflame



The Special Program for Sports aims not only to develop the talents of the youth in sports but also in the areas of leadership and good sportsmanship. Through intensive athletic training balanced with a stringent requirement of academic excellence, we hope to develop athletes of tomorrow who will conquer local and international sports competitions.


The school shall offer a 4-year secondary level curriculum based on the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) with specialization in Sports. The program aims to develop talents and potentials of students with special inclination to different sport events.

Sports Specialization
Sports Specialization

The school shall offer swimming and/or athletics in addition to any of the following sports, minimum of 5 individuals/dual sports and 3 team sports.

Individual/Dual Sports

Archery, Arnis, Badminton, Chess, Gymnastics, Lawn Tennis Table tennis, Taekwondo Dance Sports

Team Sports

Baseball,basketball, Football,Sepak Takraw, Softball,Volleyball

  • The sports specialization shall be offered on a 120-minute daily time frame and given a 3-unit credit.
  • The subject shall be written in the report card under the curriculum Special Program in Sports.
Student Selection/Admission
Student Selection/Admission

Grade Requirement with a general average of not lower than 75% and no failing grade in any subject.


The SPS shall be open to all high school age students of Filipino descent.

  • Natural born
  • Of Filipino mother or father ex. Fil-Ams, Fil-Japs, Fil-Italian etc.
  • Children of naturalized citizen
  • The student of SPS shall comply with the following requirements/qualifications;

  • Must have potentials/skills in more than 1 of the school sports offered.
  • Must have participated in any sports competition as attested by the school principal.
  • Must pass the Physical Fitness-Sports Talent Identification and skills test.
Grading System
Grading System

The students shall be assessed/evaluated according to their performance, attitude and written outputs.

a. Performance 50%
  Skills test - (15%)
  Progress Chart - (15%)
  Participation or Involvement (in Class Activities/Sports Competitions)- (20%)
b. Attitude (attendance, Punctuality,Sense of responsibility, etc.) - 25%
c. Written Outputs 25%
  Quizzes/Unit Test - (10%)
  Periodical Test - (15%)
Retention in the Program
Retention in the Program

To be retained in the program, a student shall:

  • Maintain a grade of at least 85% in the specialized subject and final grade of at least 80% in all other subjects.
  • Attend not less than 80% of the total number of school days.
  • Be physically and mentally fit.
  • Exhibit good behavior at all times and demonstrates consistent improvement in performance in the area of their specialization.

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