For more than one hundred years, INNHS has existed and has continued its services in the field of education toward excellence. It has produced more than forty six thousand eight hundred twenty five graduates, an evidence of its remarkable performance in shaping the youth to become globally competitive and better citizens.

These graduates have carried with them the knowledge and values which INNHS has instilled in their hearts and minds. They have utilized their potentials and have pulled out all their stops in search for a greener pasture. Predominantly, in the midst of their struggles, they have reserved a bit of thought of extending their support to their alma mater- as a sign of gratitude.

A good number has become successful in their careers and has become prominent in the society they belong. A good number has sponsored an annual homecoming. And not to forget that a good number had come back to memorialize their alma mater as it celebrated its one hundred years of existence last February 6, 2006.

It is in this occasion that they have proven their worth as products of INNHS. This has been manifested through their incessant support and valuable donations for a better INNHS.

INNHS Alumni Board of Trustees 2019–2022
Chairman: Mr. Nestor 'Boysie' Siazon
Vice Chairman, Internal Affairs: Mr. Lenville C Salvador
Vice Chairman, Plans and Programs: Mr. Warly R Payoyo
Vice Chairman for External Affairs: Ms. Edith T. Duldulao
Secretary: Ms. Beverly Domingo
Asst. Secretary: Ms. Ainah Apple Frez- Fonacier
Treasurer: Dr. Marilyn P. Valiente
Asst. Treasurer: Mr. Edwardo F. Felipe
Auditor: Ms. Francisca M. Asuncion
Board of Directors: Atty. Sandro Marie N. Obra
: Mr. Charito Malicad
: Mr. Elmar R. Siazon
: Ms. Shirley R. Ortega
: Capt. Cecilio E. Rahon Jr.
: Mr. Paul Liberato
Ex-Officio Member: Mr. Jerry V. Carreon

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