The Supreme Student Government (SSG) is the foremost co-curricular student organization authorized to operate and implement pertinent programs, projects and activities in schools nationwide. It lays the groundwork for good governance, volunteerism, unity and cooperation by providing the students various venues where they can improve their leadership knowledge, skills and attitudes. It trains students to become better members of society in accordance with the ideals and principles of participatory democracy and good citizenship. More importantly, it helps the Department of Education (DepEd) achieve its thrusts as indicated in the Education for All (EFA) Goals, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Basic Education Social Reform Agenda (BESRA).

In order to synchronize its programs, projects and activities (PPAs), the following are mandated to be implemented annually by the SSG in the school and community:

  1. organize the participation of students and volunteers in the annual Brigada Eskwela;
  2. lead/participate in the National Greening Program (NGP) and other environment-related activities;
  3. conduct activities and awareness campaigns to encourage parents to enlist their five-year old children for kindergarten;
  4. conduct book and toy drive and other school supplies for donation to schools with kindergarten;
  5. conduct activities to prevent students from dropping-out of schools; conduct English Speaking Campaigns, and Reading and Tutorial Services;
  6. conduct activities to support Anti-Drug Abuse Education and Campaign;
  7. assist in ensuring that the school is a smoke/tobacco free place;
  8. lead students in organizing activities which start during the Teachers' Month Campaign every September and which culminate during the World Teacher's Day celebration on October 5; and
  9. encourage and support the participation of students in recognized co-curricular clubs/organizations and activities.


Declaration of Principles, Objectives and Policies

Section 1. The SSG shall have the power which emanates from the student body.
It shall be autonomous, unified and the highest democratic representative
of the student body.

Section 2. The SSG shall uphold and adhere with the Mission Statement of the
Department  “to  protect  and  to  promote  the  right  of  every  Filipino  to
quality,  equitable,  gender  sensitive,  safe  and  motivating  environment.”
The mission statement of the Department of Education shall serve as the
guide of the SSG in working to serve the best interest of the student body.

Section  3.The  SSG  is  founded  on  the  principles  of  participatory  democracy,
responsible  servant-leadership,  collaboration,  unity,  accountability,  and
efficiency in serving the student body

Section 4. The SSG shall be committed in putting these values, principles, and
ideals  into  actions  through  academic,  socio-civic,  leadership  programs
and activities.

Section 5. The Supreme Student Government shall have the following objectives;
5.1  To  help  students  develop  passionate  love  of  country,  values,
and competencies;
5.2  To  represent  the  students  in  the  policy-making  body  of  the
school concerning the students’ rights and welfare;
5.3 To help develop a student-friendly, safe and motivating learning
5.4  To  nurture  an  inclusive,  service  oriented,  gender sensitive  and
environment conscious community;
5.5  To  help  develop  self-confidence,  critical  thinking,  problem-
solving,  decision-making,  and  learning  among  the  student  body,
and to utilize these skills in contributing towards nation-building;
5.6   To   empower   the   students   to   strive   for   excellence   in   the
academics,   leadership,   and   responsibility;   to   encourage   the
students to be proactive members of the society;
5.7 To uphold the values, principles, and ideals of the Department
of Education; and
5.8 To serve, to protect, and to promote the rights and welfare of every student.

Section 6. The SSG shall be the highest governing body of students.

Section 7. The SSG shall pursue at all times, the values of honesty and integrity in
the service,  renouncing  all  forms  of  corruption  and  acts  which  are
contrary  to  the  rules  and  regulations  of  the  school  and  Department  of

Section 8. The SSG shall encourage an open communication and dialogue with
other student organizations, movements, and other sectors of society not
inconsistent with its principles and purposes.

Section 9. The SSG shall remain at all times, accountable and transparent with all
of its transactions involving the interest of its constituents who they must
serve      with     utmost     responsibility, integrity, loyalty, efficiency, and

Section 10. The SSG shall strive to pursue an independent stand, not dictated by
any  other  sector,  other  than  the  students,  as  long  as  these  are  not
contrary   to   the   Mission-Vision   Statement   and   Core   Values   of   the Department of Education.


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