INNHS Special Programs



INNHS Employees Association

This association has been established to promote, elevate and maintain the standard of the teaching profession and to enhance and develop among all employees a genuine feeling of wholesome fellowship, unity and mutual respect.

It strives to foster the spirit of unity, good fellowship and cooperation among all employees. It aims to promote the educational and professional advancement and growth of teachers and personnel. It endeavors to encourage and promote professional reciprocity and symbiotic relations between teachers and personnel.

INNSHEA caters for the welfare and benefit of employees and the community they belong. It is responsible of accumulating specific contributions that serve as a cash gift to a member who retires/goes abroad/gets out from the service; a cash gift to a member who gets married; a mutual death aid to a member/to the beneficiary of a member who passes away. It also gives necrology service to any relative of a member and significant personality in the community.


INNHS Multi-Purpose Cooperative

This mutual society of INNHS has been instituted to extend supplementary assistance for the advantage of the members.

It encourages thrift and savings mobilization among the members. It provides quality consumer goods and services to the members. It promotes the cooperative as a way of life for improving the social and economic well-being of the people. It performs any related activity for the members’ self government, improves social and/or economic well-being under a truly just democratic society. It links with the cooperative movement, non-government and government organizations/entities in promoting and developing cooperatives and in carrying out government policies. It undertakes other activities for the effective and efficient implementation of the provisions of the Cooperative Code.

This cooperative is empowered to draw, make, accept, endorse, guarantee, execute and issue promissory notes, mortgages, bills of exchange, drafts, warrants, certificates and all kinds of obligations and instruments in connection within furtherance of its business operations. It Issues bonds, debentures and other obligations of the cooperative, to contract indebtedness and to secure the same with a mortgage or deed of trust, or pledge or lien on any or all of personal properties of the cooperative. It insures facilities, either by or through construction, purchase, lease, bequest or donation from local or foreign sources.


Youth Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism in Schools (YECS)

The INNHS – YECS envisions a self-reliant, committed and empowered membership with vibrant, fully operational, self-sustaining program through the entrepreneurial and cooperative endeavor.

It equips INNHS students with viable career options and entrepreneurial and cooperative skills and attitudes in order to evolve onto creative and resourceful citizens capable of establishing their own sources of livelihood and eventually supporting their own tertiary education.

Furthermore, it enhances the culture of entrepreneurship and cooperatives among INNHS students. It promotes consciousness on the value of cooperation and spirit of teamwork through the formation of enterprises. It helps alleviate poverty and encourages long range development growth of income generation. It endeavors to enhance the basic skills in planning and operating a micro-scale business cooperative. It fosters camaraderie and fellowship among its members.

Today, the INNHS-YECS program continues to be a strong arm of the TLE department in providing worthwhile experiences to the students that will develop their skills, knowledge and desirable work habits.

It has a lot of products/outputs of students in the different areas of TLE for entrepreneurial activities. It renders services not only in the school but also in the community. Such activities are:

  1. Sewing- has been accepting souvenir orders like bags, folders and table napkins.
  2. Drafting- has been accepting orders on streamer printing.
  3. Baking- has been accepting cake orders.
  4. Food Catering- has been extending services in all occasions in the school.
  5. Ceramics- has been selling souvenirs for baptism, wedding, JS, and other occasions.
  6. Poultry and swine- has extended its services to teachers and people in the community.
  7. Sheet metal- has been selling finished products like basin, pale, containers, vessels, etc.
  8. Vegetable raising- has been selling different kinds of vegetables.
  9. Electronic services- has been serving the school and the community.


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