NAKIRED: (adj.) active, lively, vivacious, agile


Nabiag a bunga ti ayan-ayat dagiti nagannak
Alisto kadagiti aramid, di paudi, di paabak
Ibati na amin a singsinga ket agtignay a sipapartak
Tapno naalibtaran a makibalubal kadagiti nagduduma a tay-ak.


Naragsak nga agtutubo, naisem ken naalibtak
Nasagiksik, nupay naganus napinget a makigasanggasat
Kadagiti allonken pannubok ti biag di agamak nga agdaliasat
No laket ti garteman na nga arapaap inna masirarat.


Agan-annenek pampanunotna kadagitinayurit a pasamak ken pakasaritaan
Tapno birukenna taked a mamagsaep kadagiti kalman ken masakbayan,
Ket agtalinaed a timon iti dalan a nawatiwat pagturungan
A nakapontirya iti korona ni balligi, gameng kalkalikaguman.



        We, the members of the Ilocos Norte National High School Batch 2014, dubbed as Class Naregta, pause for a polite bow before we eventually bail out of the portals of our beloved Alma Mater. Moreover, we say "Thank You" to the Administration, Faculty and Staff, under the able and affectionate leadership of our dear principal, Mrs. Isabel Sison Sandi. She, in many ways served and guided us to the utmost during our four-year stay towards refinement as individual and citizen assets of our country, the Philippines.

        As alumni of the INNHS, we will upholdand carry on the values, learnings, pieces of wisdom that we have sipped from her bossom. We will then embark for another journey in the educational climb. It is fitting therefore, hat we shall cherish and practice the noble ideals that INNHS has imbibed in us with sincerity and acumen.

        The future is uncertain it seems, yet we must be optimistic that a bulk and cluster of blessings and success await us. Trusting in the Lord, we should remain animated, bouncy and vigilant. In no way we shall become a fraction of the responsible stewards of the elements of our society and environment. Along the pathways of life as our minds get impregnated with viable knowledge, we opt to project a vivid picture of the INNHS alumni in the spectrum of quality and excellent education.

        Hence, we commit to serve and stay affable with the trends of the development, prosperity and integrity of the INNHS. Let us be sparked by the virtues of love and compassion as we move forward.

          May God bless us all! Mabuhay!


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