Education 101
Piece of Advice

by Vina I. Malabayabas

High school students nowadays, sometimes have a hard time concentrating in their studies. High school presents them with a lot of distractions. Some engage into teen relationships (not saying it’s all that bad, it still depends on the situation); others learn to cut classes because of bad company (or they really don’t want to go to school at all); others decide to stop once and for all (but sometimes there are also other reasons for it).

I am not trying to say that high school life is a long term torture. It may not be all fun and games, but it’s not all hardships and challenges either. One just needs to be able to manage his/her time well. One must be responsible.

As a student, one must learn to prioritize what is important. Make a schedule for school projects and other requirements.

Study your lessons. Advanced reading always gives a lot of help to students like us. Do your homework (at home, not in school). Review your lessons. Submit your requirements on time. Cramming never do you any good.

Choose your friends. If you think they are weighing down on you or always counting on you to review during exams and cheat off you, try to spend less time with them. I’d say, it would be better to be alone than to be in bad company. Peer pressure is one reason why some students failed some subjects, or not even be able to graduate at all.

I know that to some of us, school must be one big torture machine, causing excruciating headaches and sleepless nights. But remember that no matter how we say we hate it, we’ll all miss it in the end.

One day we will realize, all those sleepless nights, all those tiring days, all those boring class discussions, they were all worth something.

That one way or the other, those things helped us reach our goals.