Price Tag
It's All About the Money, Money, Money

by Rowena Mhay D. Moneda

What exactly is so important about money except for the fact that it is just the only single thing that can buy anything? Some may say that love can’t buy what one would love to have; peace can’t secure them away from danger; hope can’t provide them a better future; or, dignity can’t guarantee them justice. How about money? Yes money can control our lives and can even cause our deaths!

It is somewhat funny how this small printed paper is able to play with and ruin the lives of many. These days, it gets all the attention of the people. In fact, a number of movies and TV shows talk about money. But what’s worse is that some are overly obsessed that they kill for the sake of money.

Best example is the recently reported death of actor Ramgen Bautista (Ram Revilla in showbiz),23, who actually came from the Magsaysay-Bautista-Revilla political and showbiz clan of Cavite, the eldest son of former Sen. Ramon Revilla, Sr. to Genelyn Magsaysay and brother of Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., a known politician and multi-awarded actor.

The said crime occurred last October 28 at Ramgen’s bedroom in the Bautistas’ BF Homes residence where he sustained multiple stab wounds and gunshots while girlfriend, Janelle Manahan, got shot on the face breaking her jawbone.

But what shocked the entire nation most is the unveiling of the suspects’ mastermind no other than his own siblings, Ma. Ramona (Mara),22, and Ramon Joseph (RJ),18.

What’s the motive? It’s plainly an issue of sibling rivalry. Ramgen was said to be the family’s favorite.

The hired killers who were caught lately, together with the witnesses, pointed out the two as the prime suspects. Evidences also lead the investigators to the two but their alledged “kunsintidor” mother, who doesn’t refute herself as the niece of the late president Ramon Magsaysay, still defends her accused children.

Their dreadful tale turned out to be a true-to-life tragic movie full of hatred, jealousy, drama, and death. The innocent victim was stabbed and shot to death (though indirectly) by the most unexpected suspects.

One is already imprisoned but not yet proven guilty while the other still hides and remains unpunished.

Although investigations are quite fast because of political influence, justice is still uncertain.

Shouldn’t money just inspire people and not be the main reason why the world is turning? People have changed because of it.

Some people like the hired killers no longer feel contentment in simple life nor with luxury. They strive more and more until nothing is left for the others.

Money is truly important for one to survive each day but the love of it can cause others’ death or even our own.