Techno Ethics
Use of Laptop during discussion: Yes or No?

by Mark Dave M. Balmilero

With the progress of technology, every gadget seems to evolve, not only in size but also in its features. One gadget that has evolved and is still evolving is the personal computer (PC).

From a bulky machine that takes up an entire room, it has become a portable and lightweight gadget. It is a useful tool for students and office workers alike. A PC that is in demand nowadays is the laptop. Like me, students aspire to have one because it can be a great help to our studies. But the emergence of programs and applications such as PC games and networking sites can become a distraction.

One time, one of our subject teachers noticed my classmate using a laptop during class discussion.

When asked what he was doing, he reasoned out that he was researching one of our lessons. Nonetheless, he was scolded for using that laptop during discussion.

That situation drew out a question in my mind: “Is it okay for students to use laptops during class discussions?”

I asked some of my schoolmates and friends about their stand on the use of laptop during discussion. Here are their reactions:

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“If the student is using that laptop to aid him/her in the discussion, it is acceptable.” -Gerard Angelo Reantillo, IV-SSC Newton

“It isn’t right because the student might open an application or a program such as Facebook that may disrupt his attention from the discussion.” - Drexrell Pagad, III-Diamond

“Using a laptop during discussion may distract the student’s focus on the lessons.” -Mikee Karen Andres, II-SSC Darwin

“Laptops must be used AFTER, not during the class. It distracts not only the teacher but also the students. For research purposes, it’s much efficient if we use textbooks, not laptops.” -Ma. Joreina Blanco, IV-SSC Newton

“I would rather listen intently to the lecture of my teachers than encoding my notes on the laptop.” -Justine Agustin, I-SSC Galileo

“It depends on the purpose of the students in using a laptop. Is it for research or for entertainment? If it is for research purposes, then it is acceptable.” -Jason Alexander Alcid, IV-SSC Newton

“It depends upon the situation. If the student really needs to use the laptop for the discussion, then it is right for the student to do so.” -Joville V. Barba, III-Diamond

So that’s it! Should you open yours during your class discussions?

You have free will but be ready to face the consequence.