INNHS Samiweng Singers

wins 7th World Choir Games


2012 World Choir GamesPhilippines etched another history in the world of music as Samiweng Singers of the Ilocos Norte National High School (INNHS), Laoag City clinched three top awards in defferent categories in the on-going 7th World Choir Games at Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

The Samiweng Singers copped the top prize Gold IV (Folklore Category Winner), Silver X Diploma in the Youth of Equal Voices and Silver Medal in the Musica Sacra Championship Categoty besting thousands of the world's best singers from 6 continents.

Recent victories in the international choral competitions include the title Over-all Winner in the Children’s Choir, Youth Choirs, and Sacred Music Categories during the 1st Vietnam International Choir Competition and Festival 2011 held in Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam. The choir also won the Gold IV Diploma (Category Winner) in the Sacred Choir Music Category and Gold II (Category Winner) in the Children’s Category.

Samiweng Singers under the batoon of Pompeyo Robert Caluya and Sherberk Frez Cabrales; and Miriam College High School Glee Club landed on top ranks.

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