Future rests on youth leaders - Pelaez

by Ma. Rhona Ysabel B. Daoang

“It is safe to say then that the future of this country will somehow rest on the thousands of leaders we have trained,” Executive Director of Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs (CSCA) Joey G. Pelaez stressed in his opening remarks during the 9th National Leadership Training for the Supreme Student Government Officers (NLTSSGO) at Teachers Camp, Baguio City, November 4-9.

This undertaking was a project of the Department of Education’s CSCA in partnership with Ateneo Consultants for Organization Development and Empowerment (CODE) with the theme “SSG Makes it Happen.”

INNHS’ SSG team headed by Ma. Rhona Ysabel Daoang with SSG Treasurer, John Kristopher Guerrero, and SSG Athletic Manager, Marianne Lisette Martin actively participated in the plenary sessions, and panel discussions guested by excellent lecturers from the government, show business and private organizations. Among these were Mr. David Lim, Solid Group Companies; Rep. Mariano Piamonte, partylist teacher, and National Federation of Supreme Student Government 2007 President, Benralph Yu.

Meanwhile, SSG 4th year Coordinator Mr. Jonathan Pedro conveyed to the Weaver what he has gained in the leadership seminar.

“Seminars like this serve as a training field for the aspiring student-leaders who will change and promote youth empowerment in the country.”

INNHS SSG has been supporting the national leadership training since it was first launched.